Canada West – More Free Farms

Another Canadian government propaganda poster from the early 1900s to lure people to the Canadian West. This time the Federal Minister of the Interior is W. J. Roche. Free farms meant 160 acres, quarter sections of virgin prairie. (Your farm may differ from this farm.)

Watch my video about free farms.

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One response to “Canada West – More Free Farms

  1. Sharon Coates

    The poster is a very romanticized version of the farm I grew up on 5 miles southwest of Oakville, Manitoba! Flowing white dress indeed! I imagine my childhood playground will be flooded by tomorrow. The old farmhouse still stands, but has been unused since we left in 1957. A neighbouring farmer purchased the land and uses it to graze his cattle and for growing crops. I’ve been away for years, but still feel very anxious for those in the area.

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