Thanks for the memories. Always in my heart.



We do not come into the world.

We come out of it, like a wave comes out of the ocean.

We belong here.

This is our home.

We thank the world for giving us Linda to know and love.

Today, with gratitude and sorrow, we give her back.

Sorrow because I miss you so much. Tho I feel you in my heart, it is the touch of your hand I miss; I miss the great relief of having you to talk to.

But I am grateful to have known and loved you, Linda. Thank you for truly loving me everyday, thank you for all your kindness and all the little things you did to make me feel special.

Thank you for your message, your true message which isn’t just for me but for everyone, it is so simple, so direct – be happy. That is the one great wish Linda now has for us all – be happy.

Be happy.

-Reid Dickie

Now I let you go into the sands of time.

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