noun (Informal) nonsense, rubbish, balls (taboo slang), bull (slang), shit (taboo slang), rot, crap (slang), garbage (informal), trash, bullshit (taboo slang), hot air (informal), tosh (slang, chiefly Brit.), pap, cobblers (Brit. taboo slang), bilge (informal), humbug, drivel, tripe (informal), moonshine, hogwash, hokum (slang, chiefly U.S. & Canad.), piffle (informal), poppycock (informal), balderdash, bosh (informal), eyewash (informal), kak (S. African taboo slang), empty talk, tommyrot, horsefeathers (U.S. slang), bunkum or buncombe (chiefly U.S.)

I’ve already wasted my time making these.

Now it’s your turn.

 Tim Horton’s Beans in Our Ears

Oasis in Space

Shirty’s Ether World Report

Lycanthropy The Good Old Days 24

If you have to get dressed in the morning TV ad: Cufflinks

Shirty Upclues

Festive Food 1959

It’s official! Tapioca Hot Tub Mania has broken out!!

Fake Winnipeg Nostalgia – Char Broiler

Penis Fun #6

Penis Fun #5

Penis Fun #4

Penis Fun #3

Penis Fun #2

Penis Fun #1

Guitar Concerto

Breathalyzer – The Written Test

Counting Down the Top Six Religious Albums of the Week

Counting Down the Top Ten Religious Albums of the Week

Email from Shirty

Masonic At Last!

Some of My Best Friends Are Musicians

Marshall McLuhan Steels His Gaze by Tapioca Hot Tub

Email from an Old Friend

Your Cellphone on Mushrooms

What He Rebels Against


Reid’s Roadside Junkorama Is Going Around

Alice Is Still Ticked

Sordid Amok because we’re all just kids in a closet

Top Ten Worst Albums of the Week 

These Are the Flashbacks McLuhan Promised Us

Tundra Humour

Three and a Half Minutes at the Country Boy

Out Here We Is Stoned! Immaculate!

McLuhan Mash-Up

Fallout Anyhow?

Bent On Profit

Sheila Reviews Your Top Ten Brain Failure Hits of the Week #3

Sheila Reviews Your Top Ten Brain Failure Hits of the Week #2

Sheila Reviews Your Top Ten Brain Failure Hits of the Week #1

Hornet’s Nest


Grass of the Apocalypse

Correct Names

Itinerary Item

Modern Dance

God Is At Home. We Are in the Far Country.

I Scare Myself

Michelangelo Amongst the Twerps

The Curve

Frozen Warnings Taxi Mix

Reid’s Roadside Junkorama #1

Be An Artist Now

How To Tell Cake from Cow Shit

Kangaroo Birth Cycle Coat

1870s TV Ad for Free Farms in Western Canada

Huh? Eh?

Video List #1: This is Not an Ashtray

Video List #2: Things You Should Never Ask a Smoke Detector

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