This funky little photo gallery starts with pictures of  beautiful Linda from her early life growing up on Alfred Avenue in Winnipeg’s North End and Reid growing up in rural Manitoba.. More photos will be added all the time. Hover over image for description.  Click pic to enlarge.Linda at beach with dolly, about 16 months old.Linda, smiling and happy, at 22 months

Portage Avenue, mid 1950s, Winnipeg








6 responses to “Gallery

  1. Heather Hacault

    Ried I enjoyed the pictures. Loved the stories of you Dad and you!!
    Both you and Linda are real cuties!!! I must have heard you on the radio!!! We are of the same era!

  2. Sharon Coates

    Reid! You look just like your Dad. Really enjoyed the piece about your Dad. How wonderful you both saw the world in a similar way.
    And the early photos are wonderful. That ’77 pix of Linda is exactly when I met you both. That’s just how she looked. And look at you in ’69 – too cool for school. Really!
    Thanks so much for this! It’s a trip!

  3. me

    oh those rotary knobs !!!and turntables….and cue up that next cut….mp 3 be gone

  4. Photographs are the only graphs that makes it all curved.. my smile 🙂

  5. Reg Johns

    Hey Reid – long, long time. I see by your writing you are still a great communicator. I remember you well from Flin Flon days (teaching me the board) and certainly your days in Winnipeg as the father of progressive music. We should catch up some time.

    Reg Johns

  6. Barry McMillan

    Lots of good memories of spending time at my Grandmother’s house (Mary McMillan) behind the parking lot of the CVM cafe. I miss the train station at the end of the main drag.

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