The Lonesomes: Sixteen Prairie Stories

Written, produced and directed by Reid Dickie


 Strange births and strange deaths and the lives lived in between on the Canadian prairies.

Stirred by the forsaken tumbledown farmhouses and barns, rusting farm equipment and lonely places they abandoned to the prairie wind, the voices of the pioneers and their descendants tell their poignant tales.

Farm folk recall their struggles against the elements.

Town folk recount interpersonal conflicts and complexities.

There is no music but for the lonesome prairie wind.

A beautiful dream of sadness and joy ensues.


To watch The Lonesomes as one 45-minute piece use this link.


For individual stories, click on link under picture to watch the video, read the script, character backstory and location information.

Farm Life

The Lonesomes #1: Barn Where the Thing Happened – 2:00

An abandoned red barn is revealed as the scene of an old mystery.

Snapshot 1 (23-07-2012 1-17 PM)


The Lonesomes #2: Chimney Jim – 1:14

A red brick chimney fulfills a phlegmy prediction.

Snapshot 8 (06-02-2012 1-53 PM)


The Lonesomes #3: Windmill – 1:55

A pioneer farm boy reveals his secret about the new windmill.

Snapshot 1 (12-02-2014 2-45 PM)


The Lonesomes #4: Flies – 1:49

A wheezing dying boy watches flies on the window.

Snapshot 2 (06-02-2012 1-46 PM)


The Lonesomes #5: Prairie Fire – 2:29

A red glow races across the open prairie toward a homestead.

JULY WEST 2011 067


The Lonesomes #6: Luke’s Truck – 2:19

A father commemorates a special day in a vehicular way.

Snapshot 1 (06-07-2012 9-37 PM)


The Lonesomes #7: Old Friends – 4:08

Rusty old farm equipment suddenly waxes poetic.

Snapshot 1 (06-02-2012 1-45 PM)


The Lonesomes #8: Running – 2:39

The vast blueness of the sky frightens a woman to death.

Snapshot 7 (06-02-2012 1-51 PM)


The Lonesomes #9: God Moves in a Windstorm – 1:14

A ragged choir churns away graveside.

Snapshot 1 (14-02-2014 12-17 PM)


Town Life

The Lonesomes #10: Squatters – 5:30

A sly Scotsman scares off a rival and his dream ensues.

Snapshot 14 (06-02-2012 2-04 PM)


The Lonesomes #11: I Don’t Like Trains – 3:08

An old man recounts his dire railroad birth.

Snapshot 1 (23-05-2013 5-59 PM)


The Lonesomes #12: Cribben McCue Froze to Death 4:09

A cranky town gossip shares too much information on how to freeze to death.

Snapshot 1 (15-02-2014 5-28 PM)


The Lonesomes #13: A Town With Water 4:57

A defeated small-town mayor sheepishly tells his odorous story.

Snapshot 17 (06-02-2012 2-05 PM)


The Lonesomes #14: Telephone Operators 4:07

Two retired telephone operators have a chance encounter with life-changing results.

Snapshot 15 (06-02-2012 2-04 PM)


The Lonesomes #15: Honesty – 3:37

A brief conversation with an old friend prevents a lifetime of confusion.

Snapshot 1 (06-02-2012 12-15 PM)


The Lonesomes #16: When Elevators Dream – 3:23

Two long-abandoned grain elevators have a wonderful dream.

Snapshot 3 (06-02-2012 1-47 PM)


Use this link to read about the genesis of The Lonesomes


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