MB Heritage

Fourth Annual Carberry Heritage Festival

Friday & Saturday August 12 & 13, 2016

Warkentin’s Blacksmith Shop

Glenboro Canadian Pacific Railway Water Tower

Carberry Agricultural Society Display Building

Early Refrigeration – The Icehouse

Manitoba’s Official Mounted Police Museum Video

Old Red Barn

Minnedosa Fieldstone Commercial Building

Octagonal Grain Silo

Art Moderne Texaco Filling Stations

Prairie Dog Central Video

The Doll House by Heather Benning w/ Video

Ride the Stockton Ferry Across the Assiniboine w/ Video

Lone Tree Video

Heritage Tree, Little Mountain Cottonwood Video

Pipestone RM Municipal Office, Reston

Brandon Central Fire Station

Stonewall Post Office

12 responses to “MB Heritage

  1. kerrin asmundson

    great site! i grew up in a 1912 mansard-roofed house (also originaly post office, it still stands, was occupied until 2001) in the village of elva (near melita) the little village still has a few of its original turn of the century houses, the orignal dance hall, and two of western canada’s oldest grain elevators.

    • Hi Kerrin, Thank you for the comment on my blog. And thanks for the heritage travel tip. I will definitely visit Elva this summer and try to capture its past for the blog. Best regards, Reid

  2. David Antoniuk

    Great Site! I just drove by the barn you have pictured that is near the base of Riding Mountain. It is still standing. And my 70+ cousin from Dauphin, who was my guide, told me she used to work for the family that owned that farm. They were apparently very nice people.

  3. Wayne Bissky

    As a homesick Manitoban I enjoyed your blog very much, especially the sense of place you are capturing, especially with a focus on the people. While still living there , as we drove down the highway, I would ponder the abandoned and overgrown homesteads. They seemed melancholic reminders of dreams hitting hard reality. Why did this family make it and their neighbour not? Where did they go?



  5. I have come across your site and love old buildings. watched a couple already and will watch more. I am from Winnipeg but have lived in Vancouver now most of my life.

  6. follow up, I did belong to this site and must have forgotten about. great to find again.

  7. Susan Mitchell Church.

    Me again. I took the Stockton ferry over to the north side of River and then accessed the Criddle/Vane house by driving along a very narrow sand road/pathway. Thanks for reminding me.

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