Linda & Reid Remember Plug-In Gallery in 2002

          Plug-In Gallery in Winnipeg offered several DickTool Co works to the public starting about 1975 including video, performance and music. In 2002, as a celebration of Plug-In’s 30th anniversary, one of its founders of Plug-In, Suzanne Gillies, created a retrospective of some of the artists who showed there.  

           We were interviewed in our home for Back in the Day 1972-2002. Suzanne introduces the show and our interview follows. It begins with a discussion about video art and VPW’s reaction to our TV show. Click pic to play the 7-minute interview.

            The camera operator for this interview was a rookie named Nicole Shimonek. Eight years later, when I approached Video Pool about creating The DickTool Kit, who should be available but Nicole Shimonek, now with years of advanced technology training and experience. Nicole’s ability made The DickTool Kit look and sound great.

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One response to “Linda & Reid Remember Plug-In Gallery in 2002

  1. Cam E. Raon

    Excellent !
    VPW Channel 13 R.I.P.

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