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  1. Judy Antonio

    I came across you r blog – I love it. My family homesteaded in south western MB (Darlingford/Clearwater/Crystal City) and when I am “home” i always take photos of the old places slowly falling down. Thanks!


    • Thanks Judy. I spend a lot of time in your home area and have several reports on heritage. Check out The Lonesomes on my blog Saturday March 22 for a scene you might recognize. Reid

  2. Kd

    Thank you for including Star Mound School , Its where my grandfather went, his name is still mentioned up on one of the walls ( Ambrose Berard ).

  3. What a beautiful site you have! My great grandparents came from Germany and Russia and settled in Wilkie. Built a home from mud and stone and sticks and started farming the land they were given. I have always been fascinated with your province, been a few times. I’m wondering if you could help me identify a large tower-like object I saw last year in September off in the far distance. Near Quill Lake. I have some blurry images I could forward.
    Again, lovely blog! I’ve subbed you 🙂

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