Rex Cafe Site, 50 Main Street, Carberry, MB

carberry rex cafe

Reid Dickie

Phantom heritage along Main Street

Now just a local memory and a post on a history blog, Rex Cafe served Carberry and area for many decades at the corner of Main and Third. Built about 1900, the one-storey building featured a facade sporting numerous brickwork details including ornate corner pilasters, elaborate cornice and a row of stepped corbelling.  Large display windows and a recessed entrance with sidelights and transom completed the front view.

CARBERRY MAIN STREET LOOKING SOUTH, NEW HARDTOP, 1942In this vintage picture you can see the Rex Cafe was an anchor on its corner site and how well it fit in with the neighbouring brick structures that complete the block.

Over the years the cafe had a number of different owners, includingCARBERRY 50 MAIN0001 Lee Low. The cafe provided Chinese food to the Carberry community. This ad is from the 75th anniversary local history book which came out in 1959.

The Rex Cafe is gone now. In its place at the prominent corner is the 125th Commemorative Park marking the town’s 125 anniversary in 2007. The park features plaques, benches, trellises, lamps and landscaping.


Once a month Pa Tuckett took his family out for Chinese food at the Rex Cafe. “It was a big change from our meat and potatoes and the closest any of us ever got to China. Very exotic,” Pa told me.

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2 responses to “Rex Cafe Site, 50 Main Street, Carberry, MB

  1. Andy Toffo

    I have an original Menu from the Rex Cafe Carberry Manitoba dated 1944, would anybody be interested in it ?

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