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Pharmacy Building, 44 Main Street, Carberry, MB


Reid Dickie

Nestled among brick companions

Although known as the Pharmacy Building, 44 Main has housed a succession of professionals including doctors, dentists and pharmacists since it was built in the late 1890s. Long and narrow it fits perfectly into the row of contiguous structures from the period.


In this early picture the Pharmacy Building is fourth from the left. Hiding beneath its present metal cladding you can see the building has similar Romanesque Revival detailing as its adjacent neighbours. Continuous lines swept across the facades, corbelling dripped from the cornice, arched windows prevailed and a sense of continuity lived among the bricks.

This is a shot of the interior of the drugstore when it was owned by G. W. Walkey. 

CARBERRY0001In addition to Walkey and its current occupant, Falk Pharmacy, the building has housed many other pharmacists over the decades: Dennis McMillan, Eric Lee, Colin Barlow and H. D. Spearin.

Often updated over its decades of service, the Pharmacy Building’s facade has been modernized on the main floor and its original appearance covered with vertical metal cladding on the second storey.

Pa Tuckett’s second wife and mother of their three children, Gilda, gave birth to their second child, in this building. Here’s how Pa put it, “That was when Doc Gilbert was still around. You remember him, with the lazy eye. You never knew exactly what he was lookin’ at. Anyways, Gilda was round and ripe and doing her morning shopping on Main Street when her water broke as she was going by this building. She walked in the front door, her friend Jolene was the nurse who called Doc Gilbert and an hour later we had a beautiful baby daughter. We named her Rosalind.”

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