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1870s TV Ad for Free Farms in Western Canada

Reid Dickie

A delightful impossibility!

In 1870 the Dominion of Canada bought Rupert’s Land, which was pretty much all of western Canada, from the Hudson’s Bay Company. After passing the Dominion Lands Act in 1872, the government embarked on an advertising campaign to entice people from Europe, the United States and eastern Canada to come to western Canada and take advantage of the free land and unbound opportunity. This campaign went on well into the 20th century. I gathered together ten of the Dominion’s ads from the period, several of them covers for pamphlets about Canada that, more often than not, wildly exaggerated the potential of the prairies. Basically, they were propaganda. In that same tradition, I envisioned what the Dominion’s TV ad might have looked like in the 1870s. Click the poster to watch.

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Mid-Century Winnipeg – Stereo Swap Shop Ad

Stereo Swap Shop TV Ad  

            Linda worked with Nancy Granda at the Stereo Swap Shop, located at Osborne and Gertrude, in the late 1970s before she opened IF… The Swap Home, as Linda called it, was the centre of the world for many Winnipeg music fans and collectors. I spent untold hours studying album covers there. The Swap Shop ran this commercial on the all-night movies that CKND-TV had in the early 1980s. Linda and I wrote and produced it. We only used album covers with people’s faces on them, like Rita Jean Bodine, which I believe I purchased at the Swap Shop!

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