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More of Mom’s Grade 11 Exams from 1930

Get cramming again, kids. It’s June 1930 and Grade 11 exam time has rolled around again. These are three more of the final exams my Mom wrote in Strathclair, MB. Two years hence, Mom graduated from Winnipeg Normal School and began teaching in the spring of 1933. I’m glad to have written my Grade 11 exams in those happy-go-lucky post-Latin 1960s. Pencil sharpened?




Find more of Mom’s 1930 high school exams here.

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Mom’s Grade 11 Exams from 1930

Eighty-one years ago, when my Mom was taking Grade 11 at Strathclair Collegiate in the little village of Strathclair, MB she wrote these three final exams: Literature, History and Physics. They are dated and timed and every Grade 11 student in the province would have written the exam at the same hour. Not only is the depth and detail of knowledge expected from the students very much from another time, but the paradigm shift of what’s relevant to each generation is clear. Plus the limits of our understanding about physics at the time are very evident. (FYI: Ebullition means boiling. I had to look it up) Here’s the challenge then for all us Grade 11 graduates, take your finals now, sweaty palms and all.




How’d you do?

For more of her 1930 exams click here.

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