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My Letter to Harper about Secret Police Bill C-51

Reid Dickie

I sent the following letter to Stephen Harper today regarding Bill C-51 which is supposed to give police power to deal with “terrorism.” Instead it takes away our right and freedoms based on little more than fear-mongering and media booga booga.

Because the Ref-Cons are under the thumb of Big Pharma, Bill C-51 contains directives regarding alternative medicine. For example, up to $5 million fine for growing, preserving or sharing an unregistered natural health product like garlic, vitamins, herbs. The bill turns ordinary Canadians into “terrorists” if we use medicinal alternatives.

My letter went to every MP in Ottawa via one mass emailing. You can find all their email addresses here.  Scroll down, copy and paste them into your address bar.


Mr. Harper,

   Bill C-51 is your most anti-Canadian bill yet.

   This dreadful secret police bill is much too vague in all its definitions, gives too much power to CSIS and overreaches far too deeply into the lives of ordinary Canadians. It gives police the power to detain people who haven’t committed a crime based on mere suspicion, i.e. search and seizure without warrant. This is your devious way of trying to get control of the internet, censor its content and to control medical alternatives. Why are directives against alternative medicine included in this bill?

   This bill does nothing to protect our freedoms; it undermines them. No matter how much fear-mongering you do or how many phony terrorists you haul out in front of the cameras, we are not willing to give up our rights and freedoms. Your paranoid anti-democratic views represent a very small portion of Canadians.  

    C-51 is alien legislation. This wasn’t even drafted in Canada. It was written elsewhere and you were told to apply it to Canada. You know you are wrong which is why you are desperate to limit debate and abuse your power further. How can you make an informed decision without all the information?

    The current oversight of CSIS has been under funded and understaffed for the duration of your reign and now you claim this new bill has sufficient oversight. There will be even less oversight and accountability with C-51. What kind of spooks are you turning our country over to?

   I am 100% opposed to Bill C-51. It should be scrapped now.


        Reid Dickie


Read Ralph Nader’s letter to Harper about Bill C-51 here



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The King of Canada Does Some Horsetrading

Last Tuesday Prime Minster Harper got off the helicopter in front of the Parliament Buildings carrying a baby piglet under each arm. The squared-away Mountie guard snapped to attention, saluted and said, “Nice pigs, sir.”

Harper replied: “These are not pigs. These are authentic Arkansas Razorback Hogs. I got one for Minister of Defense Peter MacKay and I got one for Minister of International Cooperation Bev Oda.”

The squared-away Mountie again snapped to attention, saluted and said, “Excellent trade, Sir…”

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“Old Age Security sustainable” says budget watchdog

There’s a headline The Harper Corporation won’t like. Get out your kevlar undies, Mr. Watchdog. This whole “issue” could just be a test bubble, a red herring, a mere diversion from some Big Evil that Harper has planned for the budget. As Terence McKenna said, “We are governed by the least among us.”

Here’s a joke from a CBC comments page on the story.

Stephen Harper and a Chinese oil executive walk into a classy Ottawa bar. They bump into a 67 year old woman sweeping the floor. “Reminds me of the Monty Python “The Meaning of Life” movie, the businessman remarks. Steve looks puzzled. They stride up to the bar and order one Shirley Temple and a 25 year old Scotch single malt. The bar keeper makes up the drinks, places them in front of Harper and the business man and asks, “Who is paying for these drinks?” The Chinese business man points to Harper and says, “He is.” Harper points over his shoulder to the senior sweeping the floor and smiles, “She is.”

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Things Stephen Harper Does to Seem Human

Posing with his wife and a cow and, yet again, trying out his famous attempted smile, this is only one example of the hundreds of awkward pictures of the soulless cyborg stooge who “governs” Canada for his corporate masters on a website called Things Stephen Harper Does to Seem Human. The rest of this embarrassing stuff is at http://thingsharperdoestoseemhuman.tumblr.com/


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All Hat No Cattle, All Crested Wheatgrass No Barley


         Canadians vote in a federal election on Monday, May 2. This is Stephen Harper who currently leads a Conservative minority government and is virtually begging us to give him a majority so he can right screw things up completely. Harper is a tool. A picture is worth a thousand votes…for someone else.

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