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New Feature: My Bad Adolescent Poetry

Reid Dickie

Astute readers of this blog o’ mine will have noticed something new along the extreme right hand sidebar – namely My Bad Adolescent Poetry. In 1970, at age 21, I had accrued enough cash to hand print up a few hundred copies of my poetry. The title of the collection was Prism Prisons – a god-awful yet appropriate name for the horny, angsty stuff it contained, which I’d written between the ages of 15 and 20.

I printed the body of the book on a Gestetner machine and had the cover (of my own design) printed by a Brandon company. I think the textured orange card was free and they just charged me for the printing. I sold a few, very few and the rest moldered away in our various garages over the decades until one fateful garbage day number 4 when Prism Prisons achieved its ultimate purpose, its destiny – landfill!

Alas, a few copies did manage to survive and, even though their location is a closely guarded secret, I, as author, poet, was able to liberate one copy, one precious…actually I kept four of them and they are on the bottom level of my bookshelf. As a lark, I will share my adolescent agonies with you on the new sidebar. I’ll change these frequently. If they get too stinky, please tell me and I’ll stop. Thank you, truthful reader. Be happy, Reid

Watch a DickTool Co video called Evidence of Winter to see what became of some copies of Prism Prisons.

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New Sidebar – Reid’s Flash Fiction

I’ve added a new sidebar feature called Reid’s Flash Fiction, which will offer a short short story every few weeks, replacing bum wines. Flash fiction is usually defined as being under 500 words and my stories will conform to that. You can find my longer works and more flash fiction on the Fiction page. Flash fiction is on the right sidebar about halfway down. Enjoy! Reid

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