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The Lonesomes Are Coming!! The Lonesomes Are Coming!!

The Lonesomes: 16 Prairie Stories

New Video by Reid Dickie

Snapshot 1 (06-07-2012 9-37 PM)Strange births and strange deaths and the lives lived in between on the Canadian prairies. Stirred by forsaken tumbledown farmhouses and barns, rusting farm equipment and the lonely places they abandoned to the prairie wind, the voices of the pioneers and their descendants tell their poignant tales. FarmSnapshot 1 (23-05-2013 5-59 PM) folk recall their struggles against the elements. Town folk recount interpersonal conflicts and complexities. There is no music but for the lonesome prairie wind. A beautiful dance of sadness and joy ensues.

The Lonesomes begins here 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

One new story a day for 16 days.

Click any pic to watch the 2:36 trailer

Snapshot 7 (06-02-2012 1-51 PM)

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