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Sts. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church, Kosiw, MB

Reid Dickie

Located in the Kosiw district south-southwest of Dauphin, MB, near the northern boundary of Riding Mountain National Park, the Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church of Sts. Peter and Paul is a fine interpretation of a type of traditional church architecture found in Western Ukraine. Overlooking pastoral rolling farmland, the cruciform wooden church with its five, eight-sided, metal-covered banyas (onion domes), including the large two-tiered central dome that opens into the church below, has served area pioneers and their descendents since 1921. The figure of the arched sash windows is doubly replicated in the attractive entrance to the place. On the same sheltered grounds is a well constructed wooden belltower, typically separate from the church proper, housing two bells. Watch my one-minute video of the church.

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St. Wolodimer (Vladimir) Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church,  Oakburn, MB 

            This Greek Orthodox Church was built at the same time – 1947-48 – as the Ukrainian Catholic Church in Oakburn. Not to be outdone St Vlad’s has five octagonal onion domes or banyas painted in bright silver that shine like beacons in the sun.

     The floor plan is cruciform with a chancel at the rear, this one topped with its own onion dome on a short cupola. Windows have arched tops, even the painted-on ones on the dome drums.

     Designer and builder of this well-adorned church “in the Greek Byzantine style”, says local history book Ripples on the Lake, was John Mnoholitny who oversaw 35 volunteer workers.

     The entry porch has some nice carved edgework and a bull’s eye window above it. There is a separate bell tower on the property.

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