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New Video – Frozen Warnings Taxi Mix

Reid Dickie

A blast from the past! Alternate take of “Frozen Warnings,” a Nico classic covered by beautiful Linda and myself somewhere in the early 1980s. (Find our original version here.) This time, join us on a taxi ride from near River and Osborne to Winnipeg’s North End via the Arlington Street Bridge. Alfred Avenue between Battery and Artillery is where Linda grew up.  The Winnipeg taxi dispatcher works hard to keep the customer satisfied while we Dick Tool around, intoning a freakish duet. Local landmarks arise, Homer’s Restaurant on Ellice, the Windmill Restaurant on Selkirk and who remembers the Rickshaw Restaurant at 875 Portage? Rancid Randy, a feisty obese raccoon who frequented area backyards, can be heard pounding on a toy baby grand piano we set up near our trash can and tricked him into playing. That coon plays a nasty yano!

Despite the full moon and the deep background the places contain, things aren’t quite right. Aren’t they? Click the pic to find out.

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Frozen Warnings – DickTool Co Video

            See Linda dressed in a waitress’s uniform play guitar with an car antennae! See my head completely wrapped in tin foil! See an elf play keys! See a transit bus go by! See a trident. Hear an obscure song by Nico! Solve a mystery!

             Linda (that’s her behind the turning styrohead) sings Nico’s plaintive yearn Frozen Warnings while Kenn and I process. Shot at Arthur Street Gallery in Winnipeg 1980 and now in worldwide release on YouTube. Click pic to play.

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