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12 Days of Christmas 2015 – Day Two FAQ

What is Shamanism? from FAQ page

The six Frequently Asked Questions on my blog all deal with some aspect of my personal spiritual practise – shamanism.

What is shamanism?

            Personally, shamanism provides a method for me to experience life beyond the rational mind and its limitations. Ever since I was a young child I knew there was a place where imagination began, where great powers and incredible beings existed to help us and heal us. I spent forty years trying to find a way to get there. In 1994, I discovered a little book called The Way of the Shaman by Michael Harner. He laid out the core elements of shamanism as it had been practiced for over 50,000 years, adapted the techniques and technology for modern people and, suddenly, I had access to the spirit world. I had found my way!

Using a sonic driver, in my case drumming on CD, the daily mind is distracted. Then, having access to that mythical 90% of the brain we don’t use, the psychic and subtle worlds are revealed. I enter these worlds with powerful intent behind each of my journeys there. Intent, while a good list filler in ordinary reality, in non-ordinary reality becomes an enormously powerful tool. The shaman’s work is to apply the intent and watch for the intentional and unintentional to occur and discern their meanings. Power animals and spirit helpers act as guides, protectors, companions and teachers. More often than not, my clarity results from their explanations of events.

Mircea Eliade, the historian and philosopher who wrote the seminal work on the topic called Shamanism, subtitled it Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy. What the shaman knows that few others know is the secret of the trance, which is: the trance plus intent opens access to the scene of freedom, to the source of creativity and to sheer ecstasy, all achieved simply, safely and without drugs. Ecstasy is a major factor in all the reports in this series. I spend a lot of time there.

You find my FAQ page here.


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It’s the End of the World Today!


Happy End of the World!!

Oh, hadn’t you heard? It’s The End of the World Today! That’s right, it’s today! Caught off guard, in the dark about who gets Raptured and who don’t, wondering if yer on or ain’t on the list to be ascended? Click Armageddon Today to get the answers to all your Endtimes FAQ as explained by Dan Murphy.

Clarification: in a previous post I suggested everyone wear clean underwear on Judgment Day because God docks points for skid marks. My friend Mitch pointed out that God doesn’t do the underwear inspections. That’s St Peter’s job and he’s been in a bitch of a mood lately so I’d highly recommend the clean tightie whities, just to get on St. P’s good side.

…as we know it!

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The Rules and The Exceptions


Of course, cats prefer the old-fashioned milking method.

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