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My Fixer-Upper – Nine Years Ago Today

Reid Dickie

Nine years ago today my body was opened and a man held my heart in his hands. Good Dr. Singh, with whom I had established an immediate positive pre-op rapport, sawed my sternum in half, separated my ribs and changed the landscape of my heart. Specifically he performed a double coronary artery bypass graft (CABG or double cabbage) by taking a vein from my lower right leg and connecting it to my heart so blood bypassed a blockage. He did the same thing with an existing artery behind my heart. During this procedure, my heart was stopped, a machine kept me vital while the reconstruction occurred. Then the team wired my sternum back together, closed me up and sent me to ICU where I remained all night until gaining the step-down room in the morning. That first day, one day after the surgery, they had me up and walking even though I was thoroughly attached to various medical devices. Four days later I was released from hospital and into Linda’s amazing care. I couldn’t have survived it without her constant loving presence and compassion.

The surgery was a real fixer-upper for me. I was given a new life! The two grafts remain open and functioning to their maximum as shown by an angiogram in January. On this anniversary I have great gratitude. Thank you Dr. Singh and your skilful hands. Thank you Linda for your sweet bedside manner and thank you to my friends who prayed for me and partook of the prayer circle that held me firmly in warm security.

Another post about my heart surgery is called Nothing Virtual About It.

You can read my account of a dream I had my first night home after the double CABG surgery on my About page.

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