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Monkee Around The Good Old Days Part 16


Go simian! Click the pic and turn it up.

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DickTool Co YouTube Channel Second Anniversary Today!

Reid Dickie

Two years have passed since that pivotal moment when the first Dick Tool Co video was uploaded onto YouTube. It was Be An Artist Now, the excellent and disturbing long form coming in at 29 seconds. Sit down and watch it now by clicking the pic.

I have shot, edited and uploaded 49 new videos in the past year bringing the total number on my channel to 167. The number of views has shot up this year by 40,000 bringing the total to around 53,000. This is still remarkable and humbling for me so thank you for tuning in.

 Top Ten Most Viewed Videos on Dick Tool Co Channel 


—    1. Canadian National Railroad Fast Freight  9597 hits

—    2. The Doll House by Heather Benning  6956

1.     3. Giant Manitoba Sinkhole June 16/11  5562

2.    4. Lake Manitoba Flood at The Narrows  1441

8.    5. Caligari’s Mirror – Pere Ubu  1422

—   6. Tim Horton’s Car Crash  1406

7.    7. Go – Pere Ubu 1164

—  8. Manitoba Boogeyman Percy Moggey  946

—  9. Giant Manitoba Sinkhole 2012 Update  858

4. 10. Kangaroo Birth Cycle Coat 841

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DickToolCo Art Page Expanded

The year-by-year history of the art Linda and I created when we first got together now covers seven years. On DTC Art page, you can find our art actions from 1977 until 1983 with plenty of links to the videos we made and other DTC art attractions. Collage, performance, video, audio, fashion, design, public art – DickTool Co used multi-media to probe the world and its all documented. This picture is from June 1985 when Linda and I were married and is a screen shot from a short video of the casual reception. We were happy kids!

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Frozen Warnings – DickTool Co Video

            See Linda dressed in a waitress’s uniform play guitar with an car antennae! See my head completely wrapped in tin foil! See an elf play keys! See a transit bus go by! See a trident. Hear an obscure song by Nico! Solve a mystery!

             Linda (that’s her behind the turning styrohead) sings Nico’s plaintive yearn Frozen Warnings while Kenn and I process. Shot at Arthur Street Gallery in Winnipeg 1980 and now in worldwide release on YouTube. Click pic to play.

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Huh? Eh? New Video on YouTube!

 HUH? EH? filled a late Saturday evening with an idea that’s been rattling around in my head for a while. Pictures come from last summer’s travels, soundtrack by DickToolCo circa 1980, Movie Maker easy but limited, 67 minutes from start to being uploaded and now you can watch it on the DickToolCo channel on YouTube  by clicking on the grumpy guy. It’s 27 seconds long. It’ll be fun! Really!

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