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A Day In The Hood Has Left The Building

For a couple of years, a blog called A Day in the Hood reported honestly without embellishment on daily life in Winnipeg’s North End. The blog is no more. This post poignantly explains why and, by doing so, exposes further Winnipeg’s pathetic, embarrassing and dysfunctional city council who have virtually abandoned the North End to gangs, crime and poverty. Now that the bloggers have escaped the North End, follow them on the road.


That’s right, we left. My husband and I no longer live in the North End of Winnipeg. We don’t live anywhere in Winnipeg, for that matter. We moved into an RV, a home on wheels. So, why didn’t we just get another house in the City? That’s easy to answer. We can’t afford to live anywhere else. And I can’t live in the North End anymore. But we can afford to purchase an older, used motorhome. And that is what we did. I am not sure where we are going to ‘live’ now. I guess we will travel for a while and see what happens. (Follow our new adventures – Freedom at 51). I would like to apologize to anyone who feels I have let them down with my leaving. But, one has to do what is best for oneself. I can no longer deal with the issues facing me on my street in the North End. It is not just the garbage in my back lane, or the illegal dumpers who think they can leave all their unwanted crap in my neighbourhood. It is not just the sirens, not just the helicopter, not just the constant fire trucks, ambulances, and police cars on my street. It is not just the graffiti now appearing in my lane. It is not just the partying that goes on all night long, and the yelling that we hear on the street. It is not just the drug houses on the street and the youth we see in neighbouring yards where they don’t belong, uttering their threats as they look at us. It is not even just because someone broke into my house in the middle of the night when I was sleeping. It’s the whole package. And I am sorry, but I just can’t do it anymore. We have left the North End for happier times. If you want to know the turning point, the day we made the decision to leave, it was the day I wrote the blog post “The Decline And Fall of Civilization”. That was the day I realized this City cares nothing of the North End, and will do nothing to fix its issues. North End, I wish you all the best going forward. And I pray the City will care enough to save you some day in the future. Good day and God bless.

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Keeping Up with The Past

Reid Dickie

There is a terrific blog created by Christian Cassidy that Manitobans with a passion for our history should know about. This Was Manitoba is an almanac that runs short features on daily events throughout Manitoba’s history. For example, on this day in 1923, thousands of Winnipeggers watched Harry Houdini escape from a straitjacket while suspended 30 feet above the parking lot of the former Free Press Building on Carlton Street. The blog offers information about people and events all over the province. I have added it to the blogroll.

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Banks don’t loan you anything

Reid Dickie

Would you like to acquire some dangerous knowledge today? Like to become part of the small but growing number of people who know how banks really work? My friend Chris, who has spent years studying the shadow world of our monetary system, wrote a concise, revealing and thought-provoking piece called Debt Crisis and posted it on his blog today. Please read it! Read it more than once.


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Blog Management

Reid Dickie

I have had several people comment on the high quality of the videos from my new JVC camera. I am thrilled with it as well. It has a couple of drawbacks but overall it performs extremely well. In that regard, expect many more videos from my summer travels which are ongoing since summer just doesn’t seem to want to end here this year.

All the videos of Sacred Places I have offered in posts are now included on the Sacred Places Page after their written accounts. I have a few more Sacred Places reports to post.

I am gleaning about 100 pictures with descriptions from my travels this summer and plan to add them to the DickTool Flickr page. I should have this done over the next few weeks.

Thank you for reading my blog. I encourage feedback in any form.

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Three Months Ago Today…

Reid Dickie        

           Three months ago today I started this blog. It has turned into a full-time job for me with five to eight hours a day devoted to it. I admit about 25% of that time is clicking refresh looking for new views. The little thrill of the traffic counter going up by one is starting to wear off. Suddenly getting 16 hits at once is a whole other thing though!

            Although the overall traffic for the three months is rather impressive, approaching 4000 views today, this enthusiasm needs tempering with some information about Word Press where this blog lives. While Word Press abounds with creative possibilities and is relatively easy to use, it has a few crazy-making roadblocks that detract from the overall enjoyment of its purpose. I won’t list them. Word Press users know what I mean.

            Word Press’s dirty little secret is the actual number of views you get. Spam referrals often account for many of my so-called “views.” I don’t mean the spam that naturally flows like sewage through the internet and gets flushed out by spam catchers. Here is Wikipedia’s definition: “Referrer spam (also known as log spam or referrer bombing) is a kind of spamdexing (spamming aimed at search engines). The technique involves making repeated web site requests using a fake referrer url that points to the site the spammer wishes to advertise. Sites that publicize their access logs, including referrer statistics, will then end up linking to the spammer’s site, which will in turn be indexed by the search engines as they crawl the access logs.”

            I don’t understand what that means exactly except that some days half my “views” are spam referrals. Typically anywhere from 10 to 20% of my hits fall into the spam category. They aren’t real hits and badly skew the overall figures. Word Press’s non-solution for this is to bunch the spam into “other sources” and pretend it has gone away. If you are looking to build a blog that relies on quality and real hit information, forget Word Press.

            On the larger positive side, having this blog has given me an instant outlet for my creativity. Working in radio and having the store were excellent outlets for my expression and the blog carries on that tradition admirably. My intention this year is to Find My Audience and the blog has helped me do that. It has helped me clarify what I actually know and what I need to express while providing guidelines for my current state. Between my active imagination and the hundreds of articles, pictures and video I have stored on my computer, there is an unlimited well of content yet to come. I love being able to think of an idea for a feature, create it and post it within minutes of the original light bulb effect.

            What have I created on my blog in the past three months? There are over 150 posts in 41 categories with over 1200 tags and about 275 pictures on my blog. Eleven pages are filled with a diversity of stuff:

  • ABOUT investigates my present, past and past lives;
  • BIRDLAND has 4 features on my encounters with birds and the complete 1959 Songbirds of North America collector card book;
  • CHURCHES offers pictures and short features on 12 Manitoba churches;
  • DAY TRIPPER has 14 interesting places to explore around Manitoba;
  • DTC ART traces the art projects Linda and I created between 1977 and the mid 80s, up to 1980 so far with more to come;
  • FAQ answers six questions pertinent to shamanism;
  • FICTION has 14 pieces of my short fiction;
  • GALLERY shows 24 pictures of Linda and I from kidhood onward;
  • HOUSES features 12 Manitoba heritage houses;
  • SACRED PLACES offers my reports on visits to 15 sacred sites in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

            My friend Jim was saying I should watch for the 3-month ennui that bloggers sometimes feel. After an enthusiastic start, the phenomenon of fading interest is common. I haven’t felt that yet but once the warmer weather invades the prairies I may feel less inclined to blog. Once I start traveling, it could work the other way with much more to report on.

            Future plans for the blog include a new page devoted to a history of IF you have to get dressed in the morning, the vintage clothing store Linda and I ran in the 1980s, a three-part series of feature articles called Sacred Places and Consciousness which I am finishing now plus more of everything! 

            There is plenty to see and do here and I am grateful to my readers for delving into all the little cubbyholes I’ve created. I hope it’s as much fun to explore my blog as it is to build it. I love feedback and have over 50 comments so far plus lots of star ratings. Please let me know if you like what you see on ReadReidRead and what you’d like to see more of.

            The bottom line: three months into this, call me a happy little blogger who is humbled by the response, grateful for every real view and keen to see where this will all go next, spam referrals notwithstanding. Thank you for sharing this journey with me.

            Be happy and love one another. Reid

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Ten Strangest Search Engine Terms Used To Find My Blog in Last 30 Days

  • prairie plus three incorrect spellings prarie, paiirie, praire
  • lakota nitros oxide
  • they met each other the day before yesterday
  • sludge caves
  • gas mask
  • dong co
  • tom waits coffee mugs
  • jazz in sacred places video
  • an Arabic word
  • scholl of ancient wisdom

      I assume most of these actually, somehow, connected the seeker to my blog. Some are mildly explicable, most utterly obscure. I’m glad to know you search me out and usually find me. Thank you.

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