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Finding Spirit on the Canadian Shield

Reid Dickie

Today my young friend Troy, who also practises shamanism, and I drove out to Whiteshell Provincial Park in eastern Manitoba which encompasses part of the southwestern edge of the vast Canadian Shield, the oldest rock in the world. Our intent was to visit Bannock Point Petroforms. The day was cloudy and cool.

To get to the site, we passed through Rennie, MB, proudly optimistic as you can see. Two hours outside Winnipeg we arrived at the petroform site. After smudging with sweetgrass and bringing ourselves into the moment we walked the short path to the stones.

Webbed Flight, my spirit helper, walked this very land 1200 years ago and today has free rein. He sings, cries, laughs, prays and dances around the large ceremonial circle laid out around a small stand of old pine trees festooned with colourful cloths. Webbed Flight’s gestures, postures, ancient language, song and spirit connection all found expression in me today around the old lichened rocks. Webbed Flight “lived again at home.”

We spent two hours communing and being present with Spirit, ending off with Troy and I drumming around the circle. We came away feeling refreshed, regenerated, very calm and peaceful. This evening, as I write this, the relaxed and happy feeling from Bannock Point and its ancient rocks still floods my consciousness. I am grateful to Spirit for yet another rejuvenation. It was a good day.

I took a few pictures of the various animal and human forms. The first is a horse, maybe, with a smaller version below its mouth. Next is the torso and legs of a human form, the rest of the body disturbed. And last is an abstract shape I found near the ceremonial circle. Click to enlarge.

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Sacred Places Locations

      Now that summer returns to the prairies, you may be planning personal journeys to some of the Sacred Places I have written about on my blog. Although several of the sites are on private land and require special permission to visit, most are accessible without consent.

       I have developed driving directions to six Sacred Places in Manitoba and six in Saskatchewan but I don’t plan to publish them. Instead, if you’d like specific easy-to-follow directions to any of these sites, email me at linreid@mts.net and I’ll supply the details. Please include a bit of information about yourself such as what province or state you live in, your interests, etc.

       The six Sacred Places in Manitoba are:

  • Medicine Rock
  • Star Mound
  • Boissevain Dancing Ground
  • Thunderbird Nest
  • Bannock Point Petroforms
  • Spirit Sands

The six Sacred Places in Saskatchewan are:

  • St. Victor Petroglyphs
  • Minton Turtle Effigy
  • Big Beaver Buffalo Effigy
  • Buffalo Butte Ceremonial Site
  • Pine Cree Park
  • Herschel Petroglyphs – limited access

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