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Flood Pictures #1 May 10, 2011

      This is an aerial view looking east down the Assiniboine Valley at Brandon. The river is flowing away from you. In the foreground the double row of spruce trees is the flooded entrance to the Brandon Experimental Farm. Perpendicular to that, water covers Grand Valley Road. Beyond that the row of spruce trees and white dikes indicate 18th Street, still open with one lane in each direction. Traffic in Brandon is tangled, to say the least. On the left of the picture, past the spruce trees is Corral Centre, the big mall that is now closed, and past that two residential areas. Right centre is the 18th Street bridge, the only outlet for the river. On the right side of the picture and off into the distance, the Assiniboine is creating its floodplain.

      This is a picture of Grand Valley with the Assiniboine flowing left to right. The Trans Canada Highway crosses the river here, about 15 kms west of Brandon. Today there is mounting concern that when the crest arrives, within the next 2 days, the TCH will be impassable.

My next report later this evening.

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Manitoba Flooding – May 9, 2011


Dike protects house near Morris from Red River flooding. Note the canoe.

First Street in Brandon with protective dikes against the rising waters of the Assiniboine River. As of Monday morning, First Street is closed to traffic due to flooding.Assiniboine River flooding

The Canada/US border crossing at Emerson, MB surrounded by the flooding Red River. Looking south into North Dakota, closed Hwy 75 is in the foreground.

 Live flood cam at Winnipeg Floodway gates. Click pic.


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