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Free Farms – The West Is The Best

           This poster from about 1893 was produced by the Canadian Department of the Interior to encourage Europeans to come on over! It was printed on a lithographic press which allowed for the bright colours and subtle shading. 

Watch my short video about free farms.

       Advice About Coming West

       This article, aimed primarily at easterners considering moving west, appeared in The Manitoba Free Press (later The Winnipeg Free Press) on April 7, 1882:

            Do not come west with a family unless you have enough money to make a fair start. Do not borrow money to come west. The majority of those who have failed have come on borrowed money or without enough funds.

            After reading this article, select a region you think you will like best. People generally like to keep in the latitude they have lived in. Come in the spring and get acclimated. Bring as little luggage and as few heirlooms as possible. They cost money for freight and are very likely to be an encumbrance in a new home.

            If you are able to do so, come out and explore the country before bringing your family with you. Do not attempt to explore too much. Decide upon the climate and locality and then select your land.

            Do not come west expecting not to be homesick for your forests and streams which present such a contrast to the monotony of endless prairies. It may be very lonely at first but you will soon plant your own trees, have pleasant surroundings and near neighbours.

            Do not come expecting to be rich immediately. Several years of good crops may be required to place you in easy circumstances. If you are a clerk on a small salary in the city and have a few hundred dollars ahead, give up your clerkship and strike western lands. If you have abundance of money, settle in the lands in the near west. If your funds are comparatively limited, go on further as good land can be purchased at lower figures.

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12 Manitoba Heritage Houses

           These are the same 12 Manitoba Heritage Houses on the 12 Houses page at the top. I’m making them into a post with a link to their page so as I can allow their many tags to be available online and make them easier to find. Right now WordPress doesn’t provide tags for pages, just posts. This will get around that.

           If you haven’t checked out 12 Manitoba Heritage Houses or even if you have, now is a good time. I’ve added some interesting links that weren’t there previously. This series originally appeared as a 12 Days of Christmas project Linda and I sent out in 2007 which accounts for the format. Each house merits a grand picture and short description.

           Take a drive with me around Manitoba, stopping in some delightful places and catching glimpses of twelve precious and well-maintained houses that passionately preserve our heritage.



Janz House, Third St. & Fifth Ave. W, Souris, MB

              To accommodate the superintendent and his family, the Canadian Pacific Railway built this elegant wood frame more…


Beechmount, 134 West Gate, Winnipeg, MB

            Built by barrister Lendrum McMeans in 1895, it was bank manager John Benning Monk who named it more…


Brick Bungalow, 1604 College Ave, Brandon, MB

              This brick bungalow’s distinctive low-slung porch roof offers a deep sheltering space to enter the home. The more…


J. D. McLean House, South Chestnut  Street, Shoal Lake, MB

            J.D. McLean, a tinsmith and hardware merchant, built this delightful two-storey Queen Anne style house more…


Brick two-storey house, Third & Cliff, Wawanesa, MB

           This eloquent two-storey Queen Anne style house demonstrates the early prosperity of Wawanesa. Executed more…


Mansard roof house, 415 Kerby St., Miami, MB.

           Well-kept and charming, this fine example of a mansard-roofed house was built around 1900. The house more…


Classic Two-Storey, Garwood Ave, Winnipeg, MB

         Built in 1914 when its west Fort Rouge neighbourhood was being developed, this standard off-centre more…


McBurney House, Third St & Fifth Ave W, Souris, MB.

        This house is a beauty! Built in 1909, architect Charles Hawkins Brindle loaded the house with Classical more…


One & a Half Storey, Blight St, Miami, MB.

         Another lovely pridefully maintained home in little Miami. This classic example of a one and half storey more…


Former Paterson/Matheson House, 1039 Louise Ave. Brandon, MB

           This splendid 1895 house exudes extreme Queen Anne style dripping with Eastlake decoration. The great more…


Brick Gingerbread House, 510 Fourth at Simcoe, Carberry, MB

              Take a moment to drink in the detail and the overall Seussian effect. The picturesque roofline features more…


Brick Gingerbread House, 228 Fifteenth St, Brandon, MB

           A coin toss decided which gingerbread became Christmas Day house. Appropriately, this unusual place more… 

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