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Fellini’s TV Commercial for Campari 1984

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Federico Fellini, visionary Italian filmmaker, made a few TV commercials in his career. In 1984 he created a commercial for the aperitif Campari.  “In just one minute,” writes Tullio Kezich in Federico Fellini: His Life and Work, “Fellini gives us a chapter of the story of the battle between men and women, and makes reference to the neurosis of TV, insinuates that we’re disparaging the miraculous gifts of nature and history, and offers the hope that there might be a screen that will bring the joy back. The little tale is as quick as a train and has a remarkably light touch.” Click the picture to watch.



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Dauphin By Train

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Reid Dickie

The VIA Rail train that plies the Winnipeg to Churchill route passes through Dauphin. I discovered this last summer and in mid-March took the trip to visit my cousin on the Vondarosa.

Linda and I often criss-crossed the country by train, our favourite mode of getting there but it’s been decades since I rode a train. Departure and arrival times were incredibly convenient leaving Winnipeg about noon and arriving in Dauphin at 5:00 that afternoon. The return times were almost identical.

Only a dozen or so other people rode the train making for a quiet and comfortable ride. The adjustable seats came with plenty of legroom. My lone piece of luggage came with me to my seat.

It was refreshing not to have to undergo the  ritual humiliation of a paranoid security search. Even bus companies do that now!

The train headed west on the CN mainline to Portage la Prairie then turned north-west passing through Gladstone, McCreary going cross country to Ochre River and Dauphin where several other passengers got off. The trip offered lovely views of Riding Mountain in both directions.

Though the train had a dining car, food service was strictly take-out. All the train crew was friendly and amusing.

Click the pic above to join me for a five minute trip to and from Dauphin via VIA. All aboard!

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Two Trains Running, Two Trestles Standing

Reid Dickie

The trestle bridge in the picture above is outside Uno in western Manitoba. The bridge spans Minnewashtack Creek just before it joins the Assiniboine River. The surrounding valley of the two rivers is spectacular this year with lush green growth everywhere.  The Uno bridge, 1533 feet long, is supported by steel trestles. On average one train an hour crosses it. Access to the Uno bridge is off MB Hwy #83. On K Hill Road, drive two miles west of Beulah, MB, turn south for 1.5 miles, turn west for about a mile. In Uno, cross the tracks and turn left. In a kilometre or so the trestle bridge will arise on your left. There appears to be one occupied house left in Uno, appropriate I’d say.

This much more modest trestle bridge spans the CNR mainline about five miles east of the steel trestle, again off Hwy #83 outside of Miniota, MB. Made entirely of wood,  this bridge gives access to farms, the Silver Bend Trail and the Wakpa Tanka Lookout site. The driving surface, also wooden, is basically two ramps and a flat joining section. This trestle bridge is located west of MB Hwy #83 north of Miniota. Watch for the Wakpa Tanka site signs by the highway. Click on either picture to watch my video of trains passing over and under both trestle bridges.

I filmed another freight train going under the trestle bridge from on top of the bridge. Watch the 3:40 video here.

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Short Westbound CNR Fast Freight Out of Winnipeg

Attention armchair locomotive engineers!

Today you are operating a short Canadian National fast freight westbound out of Winnipeg with an assorted yet precious cargo. Get your striped cap on and click the pic to ride. Chug, chug, chug!

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176 Containers of Crap Winnipeg Bound

Reid Dickie

Yes, I counted them so you don’t have to. I was on the trail of capturing some footage of the Prairie Dog Central one morning last September and caught this fast freight hauling tons of precious crap to the dollar stores of Winnipeg. Click pic make train move.


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Winnipeg – Train City

Reid Dickie

To commemorate the 2011 centennial of Winnipeg’s Union Station, VIA Rail Canada commissioned the production of an original film exploring the historical significance of trains and train travel to Winnipeg. The National Film Board delved into their vaults containing more than 70 years of archived material and created a 15-minute film entitled The 100-Year-Old Station. The film offers a rare glimpse into Winnipeg in its formative days with stunning footage from the late 1800s to the present, beautifully crafted by award-winning editor and director Yves Chaput. Click my pic to watch the film. It’s well worth your time.

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Something for Trainspotters

Up close and personal with a CNR Fast Freight as it speeds eastward toward Winnipeg, Canada on a warm October afternoon. Note the arty arm weight. I’ll try not to do that again. Enjoy! Chug chug, play it loud!

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All Aboard Rail Fans

Reid Dickie

It was an unusually warm October afternoon when I captured this eastbound fast freight on CNR mainline just south of Headingley, MB. The crossing arm creates a new horizon across which the train flies. Great rhythms. Play it loud!

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Another Westbound Fast Freight

Reid Dickie

Hightailing it westward out of Winnipeg with a full load, heavy steel on steel, this CNR fast freight howls, roars and churns toward the vanishing point.

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