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Adbusters Anti-Harper Attack Ad

We are better than this.

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Andrea Gibson, Poet

andrea g

Reid Dickie

UPDATE: Andrea Gibson is performing in Winnipeg on Saturday June 27, 2015 at the Good Will Social Club, 625 Portage Ave. Tickets are $20. 

I wish I was a photograph
tucked into the corners of your wallet
I wish I was a photograph
you carried like a future in your back pocket
I wish I was that face you show to strangers
when they ask you where you come from
I wish I was that someone that you come from
every time you get there
And when you get there
I wish I was that someone who got phone calls
And postcards saying
Wish you were here

That is how Andrea Gibson’s poem Photograph begins. Listen to her read the whole thing.

From her websiteAndrea Gibson is not gentle with her truths. It is this raw fearlessness that has led her to the forefront of the spoken word movement – the first winner of the Women’s World Poetry Slam – Gibson has headlined prestigious performance venues coast to coast with powerful readings on war, class, gender, bullying, white privilege, sexuality, love, and spirituality.

I came across Andrea’s work recently while downloading some sound poetry. Her written words are provocative but it’s her inspiring spoken performances that give them vivid freshness. Her thoughts bombard you with a stimulating flurry of intelligence and awareness, as effective poetry should. Listen to her poem Stay.

YouTube has many videos of Andrea’s performances. This one is called Jellyfish. Click pic.

andrea vid

Andrea is currently on a North American tour which moves to Europe in the spring.

  • She performs in Toronto, ON on February 3, 2015 at a free show at Lunik Co-Op, Glendon College.
  • On February 17, 2015 she’s at Alix Goolden Performance Hall in Victoria, BC. Tickets available through her website.
  • On April 4, 2015 she’s back for the Toronto Poetry Slam at Bloor Cinema. For tickets contact

Andrea’s website is

Two more readings by Andrea to finish off: Asking Too Much and Say Yes.

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Life Among the Lions

kevin richardson go 2

Reid Dickie

I have blogged before – here and here – about Kevin Richardson and his rapport with wild beasts, specifically lions and hyenas. His other videos and his book, Part of the Pride: My Life Among the Big Cats of Africa, are inspirational and soul-building. In a match made in marketing heaven, Go Pro cameras and Kevin teamed up and created a 15 minute video that gives you a Kevin’s-eye-view of the experience of physically playing with lions and hyenas. At one point the critters even chew on the camera. Click the pic and join 15+ million others who have watched the big cats play!

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Landfill Harmonic – New Documentary

Violins made of garbage

Dan the Van Man sent me this inspirational teaser for an upcoming full-length documentary about a group of people in a remote village in Paraguay who fashion symphonic instruments out of garbage and perform the classics using them. Click the pic to watch the  3 1/2 minute clip for Landfill Harmonic.

Art-from-garbage is also explored in a documentary called Waste Land. Here is its clip.

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