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Fellini’s TV Commercial for Campari 1984

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Federico Fellini, visionary Italian filmmaker, made a few TV commercials in his career. In 1984 he created a commercial for the aperitif Campari.  “In just one minute,” writes Tullio Kezich in Federico Fellini: His Life and Work, “Fellini gives us a chapter of the story of the battle between men and women, and makes reference to the neurosis of TV, insinuates that we’re disparaging the miraculous gifts of nature and history, and offers the hope that there might be a screen that will bring the joy back. The little tale is as quick as a train and has a remarkably light touch.” Click the picture to watch.



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IF you have to get dressed in the morning TV ad: Cufflinks The Good Old Days Part 23

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Changing the way you change.

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