Cousin Edra – The Winter Series

Reid Dickie

Previously I have posted two black and white snapshots of my cousin Edra when she was a child in the early 1940s. Both pictures were taken outdoors in winter with incongruent clothing and furniture. The images popped out of the hundreds of typical family pictures for obvious reasons.

The first was Sweet Dream Baby when she was about a year old. Click pics to enlarge


The second was Dreaming of Tea Time. She’s about three here.


Recently I came across two more pictures of Edra from The Winter Series, as I’ve come to call it. This time she’s seated next to her brother Arvin on the same little chairs from Tea Time. She’s about two years old. It’s called Me and My Big Brother.

FAM scan0002The final picture in The Winter Series, at least so far, is Edra wearing my Mom’s hat taken in 1944. She’s almost five. I call it Auntie Helen’s Hat.

FAM scan0001

Here’s my Mom wearing the same hat on her wedding day two years before.



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5 responses to “Cousin Edra – The Winter Series



  2. Jeanette mcCaskill

    Fantastic photos with the same background every time. They look totally oblivious to the cold. What month was Edra’s birthday. It is almost like they were marking something and had no flash. Your mom is wearing the same hat in a photo from my mom and dad’s wedding on August 10, 1944.
    What a gift of photos. Jeanette


    These are so great to see! But can’t help but wonder why a baby is outside in winter with no coat. New proudly-made new clothes??? Well, kids were tough in those days!

    Sent from Sharon’s iPhone.


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