Punch Bowl at Spruce Woods Park


Reid Dickie

Linda took this picture of the punch bowl at Spruce Woods Park about 15 years ago. The hike to and from the punch bowl is rather daunting at 7 km return so we only went there twice.

Naturally forming in wet sand dunes, small eerie-coloured ponds, called punch bowls, usually display a blue-green opalescence. To exploit the rarity and strangeness of the site, propeller-head tourism bureaucrats at the province mulled and mulled. Finally, in a stroke of sheer dumb PR, the pools were deemed the Devil’s Punch Bowl. That’s a load of BS, of course, as well as being a ridiculous and, once you see the pool, disappointing demonization.


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2 responses to “Punch Bowl at Spruce Woods Park

  1. brianfergusonwpg

    Until now had no idea of the real story of the Punch Bowl! Sounds worth making the trek, at least once!

    • Thanks Brian. It is worth a look and you don’t have to hike it. The horse-drawn covered wagon ride goes to both the dunes and the punch bowl on the same trip. If you plan to hike it, pick a cooler day as the area tends to be 5 to 10 degrees hotter than the lowlands around. R

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