Dauphin By Train

Snapshot 1 (07-05-2014 7-52 PM)

Reid Dickie

The VIA Rail train that plies the Winnipeg to Churchill route passes through Dauphin. I discovered this last summer and in mid-March took the trip to visit my cousin on the Vondarosa.

Linda and I often criss-crossed the country by train, our favourite mode of getting there but it’s been decades since I rode a train. Departure and arrival times were incredibly convenient leaving Winnipeg about noon and arriving in Dauphin at 5:00 that afternoon. The return times were almost identical.

Only a dozen or so other people rode the train making for a quiet and comfortable ride. The adjustable seats came with plenty of legroom. My lone piece of luggage came with me to my seat.

It was refreshing not to have to undergo the  ritual humiliation of a paranoid security search. Even bus companies do that now!

The train headed west on the CN mainline to Portage la Prairie then turned north-west passing through Gladstone, McCreary going cross country to Ochre River and Dauphin where several other passengers got off. The trip offered lovely views of Riding Mountain in both directions.

Though the train had a dining car, food service was strictly take-out. All the train crew was friendly and amusing.

Click the pic above to join me for a five minute trip to and from Dauphin via VIA. All aboard!

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