Spruce Woods Park Flood Update – April 23, 2014

SPIRIT SANDS 2011 #1 017

Reid Dickie

The picture above shows some of the trees swept away by the flooding Assiniboine River that piled up against the bridge in Spruce Woods Park after the 2011 flood.

This year, other than a couple of days when the Assiniboine River covered Highway #5 through the park, the river is generally treating Spruce Woods Park well. The water receded and the highway is open again. There was no damage to any area in the park reported.

Latest flood reports say the Assiniboine will likely stay within its banks, however, weather is always the wild card. Manitoba and Saskatchewan are expecting heavy rains for the next couple of days. Headwaters of the Assiniboine and Souris Rivers are in eastern Saskatchewan where the rains, along with ice melt and run-off,  will have an impact that will be sent downstream to Manitoba.

Many Manitoba lakes are still mostly iced over and a lot of melting remains to be done. Near-normal temperatures this week have advanced the thaw creating plenty of free flowing ice on the rivers to jam and cause overland flooding. Residents near Petersfield north of Winnipeg have been evacuated today due to the rising Red River.

For now, Spruce Woods Park has escaped the river’s wrath. If there is any change in that I will update with an on-site report.

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