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The Lonesomes #9 – God Moves in a Windstorm

Snapshot 1 (14-02-2014 12-17 PM)

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God Moves in a Windstorm

A disharmonious choir churns away graveside.

Reid Dickie



God moves in a windstorm,

God moves in a windstorm,

God moves in a windstorm,

And heaven ain’t far behind.

(repeat twice)


Character Backstory

A ragged choir sings off-key and unsteadily at a graveside funeral on a windy day. It could be Tillie Sweet’s funeral. The wind howls throughout, weaving in and out of the choir.

I wanted to capture the notion of praise but with uncertainty about the melody and the words like a real church congregation would sound without hymnals. The song is my variation on an old Kentucky coal-mining tune by Sara Ogan Gunning.

I recorded the choir in three different places with different people at three different times. Sound engineer Mike Germain did an excellent job combining the disparate pieces into the lop-sided round you hear.

The choir voices are Garcea Diehl, Tannis Zimmer, Liz Olson, Chris Scholl, Troy Buschman and Reid Dickie.


 Location Information

Just east of Komarno, Manitoba, right next to Provincial Road #229, I found this tiny cemetery with a single row of headstones. It felt very lonesome to me. The slow zoom, the drained colour, off-kilter choir and the howling wind combine to enhance a dream-like feeling of loneliness.

This is the last segment in the Farm Life section of The Lonesomes. Next we move into Town Life.

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