Things I Have Forgotten – Day 1


Reid Dickie



Click pic to play

Thus begins Reid’s 2013 version of the 12 Days of Christmas.

This year  I offer twelve glimpses into mysterious places where what you see and what you hear may surprise and inspire you, at least I hope so. Combining seven personal reminiscences with original footage and free clips off the internet I molded Things I Have Forgotten, a new 35-minute video art piece. I divided the piece into twelve segments and will offer one a day until Christmas Day here on my blog.

I found inspiration in early 1970s artists like Lisa Steele and Vito Acconci who created very personal videos that revealed some aspect of their past, real or mythical. Their calm, underplayed deliveries were and still are the exact opposite of television’s relentless howl. These seminal video artists created still and peaceful places where they told their intimate stories. I tried to create similar places with Things I Have Forgotten, places where the viewer can feel at ease, hearing personal stories but alert because you’re never sure what might happen next. The quick cuts, brisk swaths of sound interspersed with the stories keep you in the moment, attuned to the experience.

Tomorrow there will be more and every day thereafter another piece of the puzzle called Things I Have Forgotten will be added. On Christmas Day the entire work, all twelve segments in order, can be viewed on YouTube. Click the pic above to start Things I Have Forgotten. 

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