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Snapshot 1 (08-12-2013 7-34 PM)

Reid Dickie

Linda and I started doing a 12 Days of Christmas presentation in 2005 and I want to carry on the tradition of offering something special and/or new every day leading up to Christmas.  In the past we featured churches, schools, houses, most with a heritage angle. This year, an experimental 12 Days!

Snapshot 4 (08-12-2013 6-13 PM)

I’ve been working on a new video art piece called Things I Have Forgotten which combines personal reminiscences with montages of original and found images.  Recently completed, I decided to offer Things I Have Forgotten as 2013’s 12 Days of Christmas. I divided it into 12 trailers, each featuring one element or atmosphere. I will post one trailer a day beginning Saturday, December 14, ending on Christmas Day. 

Snapshot 2 (08-12-2013 6-11 PM)

When combined in the order I offer them, the trailers become the complete piece which is about 30 minutes long. You will be able to view the entire piece on YouTube on December 25th. I’m not sure this will work but willing to give it a try. Hope you are, too. The images in this post are all stills from Things I Have Forgotten.

Snapshot 3 (08-12-2013 6-12 PM)

My year end review coming December 31. 


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