Manitoba Hemp Harvest


Reid Dickie

Hemp is grown largely for its seed and/or fibre although all the plant can be used productively. Since ancient times, hemp has benefited humanity in myriad ways physically, mentally and spiritually. Only recently has it been demonized to support the avaricious aims of corpo-fascists.

Hemp is promoted in Manitoba by the Parkland Industrial Hemp Growers Co-op (PIHG) in Dauphin. As its website says, “PIHG is a producer co-op that is in the business of growing and producing industrial hemp for grain and fibre. Members are well experienced in growing hemp and have modified conventional equipment to efficiently and effectively grow and harvest hemp for grain and fibre. PIHG sponsors a industrial hemp plant breeding program to supply locally adapted hemp varieties for Manitoba and other parts of Canada.”

Click the pic above to view my 1:50 video of the harvest underway south of Dauphin.

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