Souris is Swinging Again!

Reid Dickie

It’s just over two years since the Swinging Bridge in Souris was dismantled due to encroaching flood waters. The Souris River was within four feet of the old bridge when it was decided to sacrifice the landmark lest, if it was swept away, it take with it part of the dike system protecting the town.

swingingA pretty and appealing little place, Souris relies on the tourist trade generated by the historic bridge – Canada’s longest cable-stayed footbridge at 178 meters – and suffered greatly without its main attraction. The new bridge has been under construction for over a year.

This August long weekend marks the soft opening for the brand new swinging bridge, still the longest in the country. Its test run is in preparation for the official reopening on Saturday August 17, 2013.

I will try to be in Souris for the opening. Next weekend I’m documenting the first annual Carberry Heritage Festival, Friday and Saturday August 9 & 10. More on that here.

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