Wright Building, 46 Main Street, Carberry, MB


Reid Dickie

Our stroll north along Main continues.

Virtually identical to its neighbour, the Pharmacy Building, in its original look, today modern lathe and cladding obscure the similarities. Erected in late 1890s, this two-storey mixed-use building served various and sundry occupants, both commercial and residential, ever since.

carberry main

The Wright Building is third from left in this classic early shot of Main Street. The same Romanesque Revival features – corner pilasters, arched windows, corbelling and drip moulding –  abound here just like on the adjacent building.

The entrance appears to be recessed with transom window over the door and tall display windows abutting the street. The building was constructed on a stone foundation and has a one-storey shed roof addition at the rear.

An early resident of the building was Hood’s Bookstore after which it became the local library. For a number of years Haubrick, Marnoch and Scott Insurance Agencies occupied the main floor which more recently housed Linda’s Hair, Antiques and Collectibles.

An avid reader, Pa Tuckett spent many pleasant hours in Hood’s Bookstore. Pa loved the cowboy stories of western writer Will James. “Will was a very good artist as well as being a writer,” says Pa. “I especially enjoyed his illustrated novels. The American Cowboy is my favourite.”

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