Modern Bakery, 42 Main Street, Carberry, MB


Reid Dickie

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Modern Bakery was constructed after 1896 and retains its intricate brick detailing, adding rich Romanesque Revival qualities to the only designated Heritage District in Manitoba. While the main floor accommodates large display windows and a cut-in entrance plus access to the second floor, it is on the second storey the lovely brickwork can still be seen.

CARBERRY OCTOBER PICTURES 121Divided into three bays separated by bold corbelled pilasters with a window in each bay, the second storey reveals several interesting brick details. The plain brick cornice surmounts an area of indented bricks forming an appealing pattern across each bay. Below that is some delicate corbelling and a stringcourse of dog toothing. Each of the three windows has segmental arches with a keystone and drip moulding, their sills roughcarberry main limestone.

In this vintage picture of the street, the bakery is the fifth building from the left. You can see it once sported a tall prominent  parapet and elaborate cornice at the top of the first floor.

The building as long served Carberry as a bakery and cafe run by several families including the Cricks, Appels and Alders.

Pa Tuckett remembers the giant gooey cinnamon buns the bakery made. “You could smell them halfway down the block. Best advertising they had. And a pretty decent cup of joe to go with them.”

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3 responses to “Modern Bakery, 42 Main Street, Carberry, MB

    • Judy Harder

      As the current owner of Modern Bakery, for the two day Heritage Event, we have homemade gingersnaps, drop jam jam cookies, brown sugar cookies, pumpkin scones, sugar-dusted crullers, and hand-rolled stone bread. My husband found the recipe among Crich’s hand-written collections. Delicious! Come and see our window display of antiques collected over the years. Enjoy yourselves while visiting Carberry’s many attractions this weekend!

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