Heather Benning Torches Her Dollhouse!


Reid Dickie

Saskatchewan artist Heather Benning set her artwork The Dollhouse on fire this week, burning it to the ground. It stood since 2007 next to BenningwebManitoba Highway #2 near the Saskatchewan border, evoking wonder and nostalgia while making a statement on the abandonment of the family farm. Heather says the destruction of the piece completes the circle, “From a ruin to a work of art … to a ruin again.” She documented the fire and plans an exhibition called The Death of The Dollhouse.


For background on The Dollhouse check out my post and my video. By the way, this video appeared on the National Post website today. I am in no way connected with the National Post. The video was used without permission or even a request for such. I thank Heather and the Reston Recorder for the picture of the fire. To freedom…


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One response to “Heather Benning Torches Her Dollhouse!

  1. I found the glass walls to be much more interesting than the flames consuming your Doll House. Though I may not understand the art behind the burning, I appreciate your sharing your vision with the rest of us. Keep sharing, that is what makes life interesting.

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