Forbes Building, 40 Main Street, Carberry, MB


Reid Dickie

More built heritage along Carberry’s main drag.

Going by the brick detailing on the second floor facade, the Forbes Building and its neighbouring Kowalchuk Block are twin sisters linked at the adjoining wall. Design elements, such as the drip moulding,  American bond, corbelling and segmental arches above the windowsCARBERRY OCTOBER PICTURES 125 are shared by both buildings.

Notice the delicate wood frame detail between and above the individual panes.

The main floor is attractive with its recessed entrance surrounded by large display windows below a series of transoms. I suspect the entrance to its second floor is next door at the Kowalchuk Block.

CARBERRY OCTOBER PICTURES 124The Forbes Building, erected in late 1890s, served as commercial home to two long-time Carberry businesses. Funeral directors  J. B. Davey and Son were early occupants. Carberry Radio-Electric inhabited the space for a number of decades.

Pa Tuckett bought his first TV at Carberry Radio-Electric. “It was 1961 when I decided TV wasn’t just a fad. The roof antennae blew off three times in the first year.”

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2 responses to “Forbes Building, 40 Main Street, Carberry, MB

  1. allison Barber

    Thanks for all of this great information. My great grandparents on both sides were settlers in the area, and I spent many lovely summer days in Carberry. My Dad passed away about 10 years ago, and we held the funeral at the Anglican Church, my first time back to town in over 45 years. I am glad that Carberry has maintained many of it’s historic buildings (too bad about the Rex. I remember it well; the booths and the big ceiling fans…we very politically incorrectly called it The Chinaman’s). I would love to see more historical photos; the Orangmen’s Hall, the cinder streets (ouch). thanks again.

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