News Express Building, 34 Main Street, Carberry, MB

Fine red brick on Main Street

Reid Dickie

Next along the street a fine red brick!

In 1896, a huge fire swept away ten businesses and residences along Carberry’s Main Street, necessitating rebuilding the street. In the late 1890s, around the time as the adjoining buildings, the News Express building was constructed.

Composed of a one-storey and a two-storey structure, the place has long been known as the home of the Carberry News Express. However, in an early incarnation, the two-storey section was a Merchant’s Bank which was later absorbed by the Bank of Montreal. The one-storey structure was a pool hall and barber shop for a number of years.

Its standard red brick design with some detailing adds to the heritageSecond floor brick detailing flavour along this densely-packed side of Main Street. On the two-storey section, the bricks, set in American bond where every fifth row is a header, provide the place’s decorative flair. The indented design on the cornice pediment, the corbelling just under the cornice, the raised drip mounding and the segmental arches over the pairs of windows account for the detailing. The wooden cornice along the first floor suggests the original look of the facade. The corbelling links the two Brick detail on one-storeystructures aesthetically.

The one-storey detail and brickwork is somewhat cruder which could be from the original workmanship or subsequent maintenance. The corbelling is present but not very accomplished. The diagonal two-brick corner brackets in uplift brick is a rare touch.

An integral part of the social life of young Carberry, the pool hall attracted Pa Tuckett a time or two. He says, “I got to be pretty good at the billiards table. Never good enough to hustle anyone but I won my share of games and bets on games.”

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