New Species

As my dear old grandpappy often said, “One of the most enjoyable responsibilities of growing old is making fun of the young.” Just fulfilling my responsibility.

A newly evolved breed of homo sapiens has been cataloged

We have all seen them on the streets and wondered…

New Species

They are referred to as “homo slackass-erectus” created by natural genetic downward evolution through constant spineless posturing and spasmodic upper limb gestures, which new research has shown causes shorter legs and an inability to ambulate other than in an awkward shuffling gait. The “drag-crotch” shape also seems to affect brain function.

Expect no eye contact or intelligent verbal communication. This species typically receives food stamps and full government care. Unfortunately most are highly fertile.

Thanks Dan!


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2 responses to “New Species

  1. Larry Ward

    I watched a guy like that try to run from police on Portage Ave. a few months back. He got about 5 ft before the cop grabbed him. Very funny. I think this new species is a dead end.

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