How To Live

Chuang Tzu

Chuang Tzu was an influential Chinese philosopher born in the 4th century BC. Today he’s called a Taoist. He had it figured out.

Wipe out the delusions of the will
These six are the delusions of the will.
• Eminence and Wealth
• Recognition and Authority
• Fame and Profit

Undo the snares of the heart
These six are the snares of the heart.
• Appearance and Carriage
• Complexion and Features
• Temperament and Attitude

Rid yourself of the entanglements of virtue
These six are the entanglements of virtue.
• Loathing and Desire
• Joy and Anger
• Grief and Happiness

Open up the roadblocks to The Way
These six are the roadblocks to The Way.
• Rejecting and Accepting
• Taking and Giving
• Knowledge and Ability

When these four sixes no longer seethe within the breast,
then you will achieve uprightness;
being upright you will be still,
being still you will be enlightened;
being enlightened you will be empty;
and being empty you will do nothing
and yet there will be nothing that is not done.

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