Reid’s Roadside Junkorama Is Going Around!

Reid Dickie

Reviews of my latest video to hit cyberspace are starting to roll in. Yes, Reid’s Roadside Junkorama is going bacterial!! Here’s what some online poobahs are saying about my little video…

“There are equivalent things to watching this 5:30 video that you might consider like being deep-fried in GMO canola oil, getting waterboarded while skydiving, eating Alberta beef. Beyond a waste of time, it’s a waste of body heat,” tempts Toonsis Crimped on the YouTube critic’s site

“Now that masturbation has gone out of style, this is an adequate alternative,” crows Daniel Palmdamp on his blog How Salmon Do It.

“Its awfful an ugly an vera long so youll probaby artch it hatever I say,” pouts Marky ‘Take a deep breath’ Highlighter having a bad day on his flashblog I Spelt It Rong On Perposse. The W fell off his keyboard. Nothing’s right for poor Marky.

Those are just critics. Now the real test begins, when You, the real people of the world come face to face with the latest spawn of my imagination. Get ready, world, here comes

Reid’s Roadside Junkorama!

Our motto is “Something free by the side of the road.”

It’s a simple idea: I describe stuff I’m going to leave somewhere along the road then I leave it somewhere along the road then show it to you this how. Don’t be swayed by what you hear, watch the video yourself. You decide what percentage of your time you wasted watching it.

Be warned: It IS a time waster, tried and true, through and through, in the dreaming up, in the capturing, in the denouement, from its moment of mental conception to you clicking away from it in disgust, futility and lost precious moments…gone, all gone. Can you handle that? Find out! Click on any red lettering to start the video.


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2 responses to “Reid’s Roadside Junkorama Is Going Around!

  1. Tannis

    Reid, the only thing I didn’t like about this is now I have to be tortured wondering who the lucky sod was who happened upon this basket o’ junk and did they go through it, or just take it? Hmmmm……. 😉

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