700 Posts

Reid Dickie

Rather than do the obvious and tout my 700th post on this blog when it occurred, I made the post something substantial and left the hoo-haw until 701, here, now.

I started this blog on December 11, 2010, about 20 months ago. The average number of posts, based on 700, is just over one post a day for the duration. I have amazed myself at the sheer volume and variety of information I’ve offered here, the creativity and the heightening of awareness the experience has evoked and the response from friends and world strangers. Special bold “Hey Youse” to the world strangers. Drop me a line some more.

Coincidentally, my traffic count for the blog is about to surpass 150,000 hits, averaging about 250 per day since December 2010. Again I am amazed at, grateful for and humbled by this response. Thank you to everyone who has visited my blog once or more. Thank you to the regulars who have subscribed to this extension of my body, mind and spirit. Thank you to the faithful and scornful readers, the doubters and the believers, the ones who know the secret of the trance and the ones who don’t. Thank you for all the perfect moments.

My friend Terry keeps checking with me to see how I’m doing for “content” for this blog and I always reassure him, there’s enough, always enough.

Unbound curiosity and the means to satisfy it – the perfect charm. I am such a lucky man and grateful every day. I refuse to rust out. I will burn out. Flow with my flame. Reid


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2 responses to “700 Posts

  1. Sharon Coates

    Wowza Reid! That is so many posts and all so interesting and well done. I know I don’t comment much at all, but I’m here in Toronto reading your notes – in cafes, on streetcars, on my front porch and sometimes sitting in my free lancers’ chair at The Walrus.

    The recent piece on Rooster Town saddened me so much. I left Winnipeg around 1972 and I swear I never heard the term Rooster Town. I can’t ever recall anyone talking about it. I recall that here were Metis children at my junior high school and everyone kept to their own corners of the school yard for the most part. It makes me so sad, so many missed opportunities.

    • Hi Sharon, Thanks for your comments on my blog. Much appreciated. I hope there will be more accurate information about Rooster Town from the research project the MMF is starting. R

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