The Style Shop, 41 Main Street, Carberry, MB

Reid Dickie

The next stop on Carberry’s Main Street is a commercial space.

Still known as The Style Shop, this modest storefront has accommodated numerous and sundry businesses since it was built around 1900. Typical of one-storey facilities in small rural towns, The Style Shop building offers utilitarian form and an easily adapted interior space at a prime location nestled between Switzer’s Red and White and Ray’s Diner. Its rectangular design has a sloped flat roof and recessed entrance with flanking display windows. Originally a red brick building, these details have been stuccoed over and much of the heritage remains hidden under the refacing. This colour picture shows the old place with its refaced facade. It had ornate brick work similar to its neighbours. 

Over the decades the building has housed merchants Jones and Dundas, milliner Mrs. English, a bakery run by Webb and Green, a grocery owned by T. D. Stickle (the building was known as the Stickle Block for some years) and a restaurant operated by Lee Low.

When Pa Tuckett married Amelia Lusk in Carberry on a hot day in late August 1918, the beautiful bride was wearing a hat specially designed for her by Mrs. English who ran her millinery out of this spot. 

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