Email from Another Old Friend

Hello Moister,

My gooseberry jam fan friend, they squandered the excess Shriekback audial benefits (even though the insurance was paid up), contrived some 21st century weaning of Herman’s Hermits from the celestial Gomer Weave (except for Sentimental Friend) and beknighted the glowing, though preposterous, remains of Brian Jones, Jim Jones and Clooty Hardddddrive Jones mixed in one shaker of cremationism and sprinkled it all over The Remaining World, that being us, as in you and me, you and I, we’ens, today, now, itzzzus.

Thusly, the spawn and regurg of our very generation will result, not in beneficial human offsprings, but in ill-begotten genetically modified humanoidals strafed with bee-salmon-and-God-knows-whose-DNA who succumb to Neo-Cro-Magnum potentials despite the fluoride in the water! I’m just gettin real wit cha! Calm down, can ya? Take a beta-blocker or three, okay!!

Let me remind you of one of the great quotes from Clooty Hardddddrive Jones, Clooty who got us through the Feral Bankster Rape-outs, the very same Clooty who survived the Insect Drone Cleansing that Harper (He sees no Light) ordered in his desperation to become proxy for God, Clooty who said, “Ummm, fuck you clutch hammer bygone shrivel hookha. If you don’t understand me, then fuck you doubly and may Spirit lay you fuckin’ flat.” Amen, Clooty!

The hive is tainted

The seeds are dumb

The spawn dims

Laying awake

Every night

Love,  Alice

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