Spruce Woods Park Rebounds, Open This Weekend

Reid Dickie

In this post a year ago the flooding Assiniboine River had a destructive hold on Spruce Woods Park. Hwy #5 was washed away through the park, campgrounds and buildings were covered with eight feet of water and the summer looked bleak.

Today I had my fourth hike to the Spirit Sands in the last two weeks and have great news to report. As I arrived today, a work crew was taking down the detour sign to the upper campground. That was exciting and promising! The low road to the campground, the one that had about two hundred yards of it washed away by the surging waters last year at this time, has been rebuilt with tons of fill and finished with gravel for now. The badly-damaged lower campground is still off-limits but the park staff are to be commended for their efforts to rejuvenate the rest of the park.

Most of the debris strewn helter skelter about the park by the river has been cleared away, signage has been restored, trails opened, the river-broken trees have been cleaned up and guaranteed there will be no shortage of firewood this summer in the park.

It was evident today that the day use area with beach, Pine Fort, picnic and displays will be open for the long weekend. They have resanded the beach on the oxbow. See how murky the water is before you swim in it. Use caution. Remember the swimming area is largely river water washed in last year containing everything it picked up along the way and it has sat stagnant.

There are plenty of things to do in the park. The trail system, including Spirit Sands, Punchbowl, Marsh Lake, Epinette Creek etc are all open. The covered wagon rides to the dunes and punchbowl are back this year but I’m not sure if they will be available for the long weekend. The upper campground is virtually sold out for the weekend, the yurts are booked solid all weekend.

I was heartened to see many western painted turtles sunning themselves on downed trees today along the edge of Marsh Lake. The turtles were disturbed by the sudden flood but have bounced back, even though the waters of Marsh Lake are still cloudy with mud. The floating bridge at the apex of Marsh Lake Trail has been replaced though the little island it accesses was devastated by the flood leaving mostly broken trees. Painted turtles can also be seen around the punchbowl.

Go for a hike. There are several different terrains and habitats to choose from. The trail on the way to Spirit Sands offers some lovely blossoms these days. The bearberry is turning from red to glossy green. Hoary puccoon (above) speckle the grass with its bright deep yellow flowers. Three-flowered aven (right), their hairy heads drooping sadly, add touches of mauve and rust to the speckle. I saw all kinds of butterflies on my hike today and the air was alive with the buzz of insects and sweet tweets from the trees. Abundant as ever in the shady areas and along the stairs is poison ivy. Barefoot hikers take heed.  The other danger is wood ticks and I recommend a thorough tick check of your whole body after a hike.

The weekend will be hot and hotter on the dunes by up to 10 degrees. Carry water, wear a hat and don’t wear stupid shoes. Maybe the cool evening suits you better. Take a sunset hike and hear a choir of coyotes echoing over the dunes as you watch the sand redden into black and the fireflies sparkle around you.

Remember: no more free parks this year. The three-year moratorium on park fees is over. Buy an annual pass for $30, save a lot of time and cash and relax. Canadian Tire and fishing/hunting stores sell the passes.

When you see the park staff, let them know they’ve done a great job getting Spruce Woods back on its feet so quickly. I look forward to my next twelve visits to it this summer.

Watch my video of a hike I took to Spirit Sands last year. Check out more Manitoba day trips on my Day Tripper page at the top. Have a wonderful weekend. Every mile a safe mile.


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5 responses to “Spruce Woods Park Rebounds, Open This Weekend

  1. Tannis

    Reid, I had my very first trek to the Spirit Sands on Tuesday with Chris and Jay after our Carberry Drum Cafe gig as I’m sure Chris mentioned…it was so magical! What a special place! 😀

  2. I just finished writing about the Spirit Sands Trail for my website and came across your article in my research. My dog, Tessi, and I travelled across Canada last spring, June 2013, I guess a year after the flooding. The staff working at the campground office had told me about it. It’s hard to believe how much was washed out. You would never know it a year later. Though walking in the sand was tough going and I picked more than a few ticks off Tessi, I enjoyed the trail very much. Just beautiful! Speaking of “stupid shoes” – I wore my shoe/sandal hybrids, which I often wear because I really hate shoes and, oh my, what fun to walk in sand in those 🙂 My story: http://cstravelsandpics.ca/2014/01/31/in-the-spirit-of-sand-spirit-sands-trail-spruce-woods-provincial-park-manitoba/ if you care to take a look.

    • Hello Cheryl, Thanks for the comment. Spirit Sands is quite a place!! I’ve hiked it during the day and at night hundreds of times over the last 20 years. The dunes are usually 5 to 10 degrees hotter than the lower areas around them. Lots of water is important! There are several posts on my blog about Spirit Sands. If you like please feel free to link any SS posts on readreidread to your site. Warm regards, Reid

      • Wow, hiking at night. I can just imagine standing in that expanse of dunes under a full moon – it’d be amazing! I’ll check your other stories out. If there are any particular links you want to add to my story, by all means I’d welcome them. (I finally have a comments section which has been recently set up and would love to see that it’s working for my readers.)

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