Letter from a Friend

’ello Hila,
I’ve narrowed it down to a dozen or twenty causes of my recent inertia and I thought this Day of Fools (as if we need our own day!) would be an appropriate time to share them with you as a cathartic gesture, to purge some of this hoo-haw but not to burden you with it. Instead we shall purge together, a community of two expressing our Radical Compassion to the universe, the unity we all crave, and spewing it into the Abyss which, with a wink, dissolves our petty meh-inducing meanderings, thus relieving us of our death dread – for now – and explaining why this moment is the only one we have, or is it this one? or maybe this one….?
Here is my list of inertia-causing evils now afoot in the worlds:
  • sectarian Bavarian contrarians
  • Harper 
  • chemtrails
  • zebra mussels
  • Fukushima radiation
  • Monsanto bees
  • DU
  • hydrogen baggage clowns
  • Lady Gaga – NWO tool
  • bliss-tampering indigo spirits
  • anti-vomiting agents
  • sweetness inhibitors
  • MSG after which we pant and pant and can’t get enough in our pants
  • Kyle Kushman
  • overdue kitty litter fumes
  • sweatless sweat lodges
  • too much Manchu Wok
  • lichen
  • fluoride in the water

I’m so glad you understand.  

Let’s dance together in the half moonlight now!
Randy Rhino

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