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Letter from a Friend

’ello Hila,
I’ve narrowed it down to a dozen or twenty causes of my recent inertia and I thought this Day of Fools (as if we need our own day!) would be an appropriate time to share them with you as a cathartic gesture, to purge some of this hoo-haw but not to burden you with it. Instead we shall purge together, a community of two expressing our Radical Compassion to the universe, the unity we all crave, and spewing it into the Abyss which, with a wink, dissolves our petty meh-inducing meanderings, thus relieving us of our death dread – for now – and explaining why this moment is the only one we have, or is it this one? or maybe this one….?
Here is my list of inertia-causing evils now afoot in the worlds:
  • sectarian Bavarian contrarians
  • Harper 
  • chemtrails
  • zebra mussels
  • Fukushima radiation
  • Monsanto bees
  • DU
  • hydrogen baggage clowns
  • Lady Gaga – NWO tool
  • bliss-tampering indigo spirits
  • anti-vomiting agents
  • sweetness inhibitors
  • MSG after which we pant and pant and can’t get enough in our pants
  • Kyle Kushman
  • overdue kitty litter fumes
  • sweatless sweat lodges
  • too much Manchu Wok
  • lichen
  • fluoride in the water

I’m so glad you understand.  

Let’s dance together in the half moonlight now!
Randy Rhino

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Spruce Woods Park Today

Reid Dickie

Last Friday I took a drive out to Spruce Woods Park to see how the little park overwintered. Park workers have cleaned up most of the debris that cluttered the ditches. The plastic and metal grid dams that were washed away and strewn about the park have been removed. Some infill in wash-out areas, such as around the park sign and in ditches where water stood all last year, has been done. The huge pile of trees next to the bridge has been removed, likely providing the park with firewood for the next five years. The low road to the campground is still impassable and there remains plenty of evidence of the flood’s impact on the landscape. 

According to Manitoba Parks, the entire lower campground (bays 1 – 7) and all the campground buildings at Kiche Manitou in Spruce Woods were completely destroyed by the floodwaters. Currently the department is assessing damages and planning reconstruction, however, the lower campground will NOT be open for the 2012 season. The upper campground and yurts will still be available.

I stopped at the trailhead of Spirit Sands and took a few pictures. Though they never moved all last summer, the three covered wagons await their horses and a flood of tourists to carry out to the dunes. Other than the lower campground closure and most of the trail system needing repairs, the park will  operate more or less as usual this year. I’m looking forward to watching the natural changes the park will undergo this summer.

The status of several other provincial parks damaged by flooding last year remains uncertain. The department is reporting that availability of parks around Lake Manitoba inundated by high lake levels will vary. Since its campground and park infrastructure were completely destroyed, camping at St. Ambroise Park will not be offered this year. Also on the lake, Watchorn Park was damaged badly and assessments are currently underway, but it’s uncertain whether camping will be available this year. The campgrounds at Rainbow Beach and Manipogo Parks are now under repair with the intent that they’ll be open on May 11. Lundar Beach Park suffered extensive damage and, although repairs are underway, availability of camping this summer is uncertain. Slowly our parks will bounce back.

There have been changes this year in Manitoba Parks. Camping fees have increased slightly, between $1.05 and $3.15 depending on services offered. Park entry fees will be charged this year, ending three pleasant years of free park entry. Annual permits are just $30, amongst the lowest in Canada. Three-day passes are $8 and single day is $4. Permits are required after May 1 and can be purchased by mid-April at any Manitoba conservation office including campground offices, large stores like Canadian Tire and small stores that cater to fishers and hunters.

The Manitoba Provincial Parks Reservation System kicks into life tomorrow, April 2, 2012 at 7:30 a.m.  They should have the latest information on campground availability around the province. In Winnipeg call 948-3333, elsewhere toll-free 1-888-482-2267. Their website is manitobaparks.com

The mighty Assiniboine that caused havoc last year at this time is a much more peaceful river today as you can see. Here it’s rounding the bend at Spirit Sands trailhead. I’ll have many more reports on Spruce Woods Park and my other travels this summer on my blog. Stay tuned. Happy trails!


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